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Many of you know I have been online over a decade offering PWD Rush liquid incense for sale and am a straight shooter. I plan on being here 10 years from now and the only way to do that is to continue to play it straight.


PWD is back in business! The only available brand is the PWD Rush but the Bolt, Hardware, Lockerroom and more will be available over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

18OCT2010 ...

All gone :-( The last of the PWD Brand of Rush is gone. The new Power Pak Pellet is selling great though. Check it out!

Once again, beware of nyone pushing PWD Brand Liquid Incense at this point. It is either 1) Not PWD; or 2) Manufactured prior to 20August2010. In other words, stale.

12OCT2010 Going Fast ...

I have about 300 bottles of the original PWD Formula left and chances are this will be gone after the 12OCT2010 mailing. I will then switch over to the new Rush vendor. If you order now you will get the PWD. I will put the switch up on the site when it occurs.

My Advice? Grab a few bottles of the new when it comes out, try some of the other formulas on our site and party on dude. PWD is gone. I have an excellent selection here. I promise you, with the quality of aromas on this site if the new rush does not do the trick you can find something as good if not BETTER!

The new Rush is the same as the old. Just a different manufacturer. It is about like the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Pretty much the same stuff. I also still have my original Non PWD stuff such as Taiwan Blue, English, Etc ...

BEFORE YOU GO ELSEWHERE FOR PWD PLEASE READ! PWD went out of business in late August. If you can find any PWD product you find over the next few weeks will be AT LEAST 60 DAYS OLD. I can assure you the new Rush I will be carrying is FAR SUPERIOR to any 60+ day old PWD you find online.

11OCT2010 Shipping Restrictions ...

PWD is out of business. There will be no more PWD Liquid Incense Aromas. I have some remaining inventory and a suitable replacement is on the way now. Your other favorites (JJ + & Plat, Taiwan Blue, Amsterdam Special, etc) are still available.

There is now a limitation as to what areas of the Country we can ship to. Limitations include but are not limited to the States of Texas and Ohio plus we cannot ship to APO AE or Post Office Box Addresses. These are the biggies but there are smaller locations that will be screened at checkout. If you get a checkout error it is probably due to the fact that you are in one of the restricted areas.

21SEP2010 Inventory Update ...

PWD is out of business. There will be no more PWD Liquid Incense Aromas. I have some remaining inventory and a suitable replacement is being located now. Your other favorites (JJ + & Plat, Taiwan Blue, Amsterdam Special, etc) are still available.

Please be careful who you buy from. PWD is gone. Many of the smaller online retailers are going out of business. The problem is they are not going quietly. They are taking orders, billing credit cards then not shipping orders. Then going out of business.

If a website is not giving you a heads up with what is going on, I would steer clear.

10SEP2010 Pwd Brands Update ...

It is rumored that in late August 2010 Great Lakes Products, the makers of PWD Brands of liquid Incense, was raided by US Customs for violating some of the US export laws. From what I can determine they were caught attempting to ship some of the PWD product to a military base in Europe. I do not know if this was intentional on the part of PWD or simply an error. In either instance the end result has been the same, Great Lakes Products & PWD Brands are now out of business. Permanently. Many websites are out of inventory and the product is no longer on the shelf of many brick & mortar establishments.

This is not the end of the world. The good news is that the original blend is still legal in the USA. The shutdown was due to the Customs issue, not a product issue. Some additional good news is that there are other manufacturers out there waiting to fill PWD's shoes. The bottles will be slightly different due to trademark issues but the contents will be the same quality as PWD. Let me stress, we have been selling aromas for 10 years, we will bill selling aromas at least 10 more years and the quality will remain the same. No exceptions.

AT THIS TIME I AM STILL SHIPPING THE REMAINDER OF MY PWD PRODUCT. When I do switch over to the new manufacturer I will notify everyone of the change via the website.

As many of you know, we have been online over 10 years and have always treated our Customers with the utmost honesty and respect. When this changeover does occur you can rest assured that we will notify you via the website and that the replacements we are bringing in for PWD will be of the same exceptional quality that we have stocked for the last decade.

Thanks of the Business,


Hope this info helps. Now, back to shopping ....