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What are poppers?

Please note, Rush - Poppers .us only sells Nail Polish Remover. This article is a brief history of poppers and Rush - Poppers .us does not advise that you use any of our products in this fashion.

In the early 1970's poppers (or 'popers') were made from amyl nitrate. Those brands were the best and most strong poppers and amyl nitrate was considered the best poppers to buy. However, the Federal Government now lists amyl nitrate as a controlled substance and is no longer available in that form or can you buy poppers in the USA for human consumption. Although amyl nitrate is not available for purchase there are a number of other 'poppers' types available online which may be either illegal or legal to buy depending on which country you live in. One of the more popular brands are 'Jungle Juice Poppers' and there are many places online where you can buy Jungle Juice.

Poppers or alkyl nitrate are recreational drug which have vasodilatory effect on the human body. This means that the smooth muscles tissue relaxes in the vessel walls and this result in wide blood vessels. Robert S. Porter in The Volatile Nitrates discusses that inhaling amyl nitrate and other alkyl nitrates was a part of popular club culture in the 1970s. Popper is the local name given to such alkyl nitrates which were inhaled to promote sexual drive in the 1970s club scene; this trend continues till date in rave parties.

Effects of Poppers

Poppers primarily cause smooth muscles around the blood vessels to relax. As the smooth muscles relax, dilated vessels increase the blood flow and heartbeat rate. Increased activities throughout the body results in a charged sensation and adrenalin rush lasting for several minutes. Therefore, people use it for improved sexual desire.

While other recreational drugs impair cognition greatly, poppers are comparatively less harmful to the society. There are no substantial evidences suggesting that alkyl nitrates are physically or psychologically addictive; however, dependency on the compound is not recommended.

Read below for different types of poppers.

Different names for poppers

Here is a list of some of the more frequently used, and not entirely accurate slang terms for poppers:

  • poppers nitrate
  • amyl poppers
  • poppers amyl
  • isobutyl nitrite
  • power poppers
  • amyl nitrite poppers
  • alkyl nitrites
  • poppers amyl nitrite
  • head cleaner poppers
  • isopropyl nitrite
  • isobutyl nitrite poppers
  • butyl nitrite poppers
  • amil nitrate
  • liquid incense poppers
  • isopropyl nitrite poppers
  • Room odorizer poppers
  • aroma poppers
  • isobutyl nitrate poppers
  • Most of these poppers you can order and buy cheap at a poppers online shop and in many cases you can even buy wholesale poppers at a discount online for less than what you would pay in a retail store.

    Gay poppers?

    No, poppers are not just for gays anymore ....

    Bryan Fischer, the Director of the Issue Analysis at the American Family Association, indicates that 96% of people who indulge actively in homosexuality use recreational drugs. This was published by the Ring Wing Watch in January 2012. Although, it is a popular gay drug, alkyl nitrates poppers have equal effect on straight men and women. Many women, who find it hard to achieve adequate orgasm, experience healthy sex and the ultimate orgasm by using popular types such as liquid gold poppers and iron horse poppers.

    So, no, Poppers are no longer limited to the gay community. Many heterosexual couples now use poppers. Using poppers and a good lube and inhaler can provide beneficial effects to their sex lives.

    If you shop for poppers you may want to refer to this poppers list:

  • PWD poppers, the original poppers brand
  • Jungle Juice Poppers
  • Gold Poppers
  • English Poppers
  • Real Poppers
  • Red Poppers
  • Maximum Impact Poppers Spray
  • Blue Boy Poppers
  • Locker Room Poppers
  • Brown Bottle Poppers
  • Iron Horse Poppers
  • Hardware Poppers
  • Liquid Gold Poppers
  • Man Scent Poppers
  • Bolt Poppers
  • This is not a complete list and there are many other types of poppers available online.

    Best Way to Use Poppers

    In order to enhance sexual drive, the compound must be absorbed by the blood stream through the lungs. Although inhaling is the most preferred method, the recreational drug can also be injected into the blood stream. The key is to start with a small dose while gradually increasing it. Sniff the alkyl nitrates directly from the glass bottle that they are sold in. In order to prevent evaporation or spilling of the liquid, many people pour a small amount in a separate bottle stuffed with cotton.

    It has been advised that in case of side effects, such as accelerated heart rate, severe headache, weakness or fall in blood pressure, it is recommended that you discontinue exposure to its concentrated form.

    Where to Buy Popper From

    The sale of popper has been regulated by the federal and local regulatory bodies and can be either legao or illegal depending on the Country you live in. Although, a number of International clubs, gay bars and sex shops sell the compound, it is best to buy poppers online to get your hands on the best brands in the market. The product is usually sold in the form of video head cleaner, leather cleaner, room odorizers and other household products.

    For more information on poppers dangers or poppers side effects you may want to visit an online poppers forum or search for poppers on wikipedia.

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